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Taking on Too Much Can Sabotage the Best of Plans

If you are an over-achiever in the area of health and weight loss, it could easily be preventing the very Melissa MCreerygoals that you are trying to achieve. Women trapped in a cycle of constant activity and always doing more end up being exhausted and less productive. Looking for the perfect solution and struggling to make changes that donít fit with your needs and your life can create stress, overwhelm, and can even trigger more emotional eating.

Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster and create a blueprint for success with weight loss and peace with food?

Here are some tips for breaking the over-achieving cycle and creating a path for enduring change:

Start by killing the myth that your constant activity is making you more effective and begin to add up  the price of being an over-achiever. Here are some signs to look for: lack of focus, forgetfulness, feeling overwhelmed or stressed, stress eating, overeating at the end of the day (often because you feel too tired to do anything else), starting and quitting one weight loss plan after another, feeling like nothing works for you, a feeling of stress or overwhelm when you think about attempting to take control of your eating.

Be selective about experts and mentors. Start by asking yourself what you already know about your eating and your struggles and what kind of help you are looking for. Remind yourself of what you already know about what works and doesnít work for you. Remember, you have more wisdom about yourself than anyone else. Find an expert, mentor, or plan that respects what YOU know and asks you to access your own wisdom often. Choose one plan or expert to follow and donít blindly follow the latest fads.

Carve out time to do nothing. Practice breaking the over-achieving cycle and creating breathing space in your life. When we are busy doing, we arenít really able to tune in and listen to ourselves. When we fail to listen, we arenít able to stay well connected to what we really need. When we arenít getting what we need, emotional eating is an all-too-easy way to fill in the gaps.  Learn to listen to yourself and to identify what you are really craving - it may not always be food.

Take on one plan at a time. More is not always better. Often, more is overwhelming and wonít last. Pick lifestyle changes or new ways of eating that are do-able and  manageable. Beware of the voice that tells you that you arenít doing enough.  Change that feels easy is not a cop out! It makes sense to make changes that you can stick with and build on. Look for (or create) a plan that allows you to make changes with small structured steps.

Remember, peace with food is something you want to last a lifetime. Itís a marathon, not a sprint. Taking the steps to create a plan, and a relationship with food, that you can live with (for the long haul), is an incredibly worthwhile investment.

Dr. Melissa McCreery is a Psychologist, Coach, and Emotional Eating and Overwhelm Eliminator for smart busy women. Are you struggling with emotional eating, overeating, and balancing work and life? Claim your easy-to-use audio series: "Five Simple Steps to Move Beyond Overwhelm with Food and Life" at http://www.toomuchonherplate.com.

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