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Welcome to the Travel Page!

Off-road adventures can be fun for the novice or experienced traveler, select your Adventure Women travel excursion
Welcome to the travel section of Connections for Women. Recent research shows a huge upswing in women traveling alone or with groups of women and participants are not limited to single women. A quick internet search shows upwards of 250 companies offering women only trips. As a direct result of this new wave of travelers, many companies have come to the fore to cater specifically for women. Perhaps the oldest and quite definitely the “grand dame” of these organizations is Adventure Women Inc. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in two AdventureWomen trips to date and plan on more in the near future. My first trip was early summer 2005. I had been widowed for four months, at a complete standstill in my life, going through the gestures of living but in reality accomplishing little. It was almost on impulse that I researched trips and consciously looked for “women only”. I didn’t want to join a group of couples and have my loneliness magnified.
AdventureWomen popped up in the search and without giving much thought to destination, I signed up for an Alaskan Bear Viewing and Wildlife Safari. It was a life affirming
An Alaskan Bear Viewing and Wildlife Safari with Adventure Women involved a beach landing and travel by small plane.
decision. We ranged in age from 65-34, included two friends who always traveled together to a mother daughter team. A company executive, CPA, physician, retired teacher, a stay at home mom now in her late fifties, divorced, married, never married, women who comprised a mix rich in experience, laughter, stories and adventure. I didn’t experience any isolation; we rotated room/tent/kayak partners. We were looked after like princesses even to finding magazines in the privy set up with a sea view! My second AdventureWomen trip in 2006 was a little more strenuous. I joined the Cinque Terre Hiking group in Italy and what fun that was. It was on that trip that I met Karen Skoog (our featured extraordinary woman) and her daughter, Barb. I’ll share more of that adventure in another issue.

Travel to Italy’s Lake District or Croatia’s Dalmation Coast and experience a Hiking Vacation with Adventure Women.

We’re interested in hearing about your travel experiences, especially those that encompassed a major change in your life. Did you join a women’s only group, venture out solo, test the water with a weekend getaway? What companies would you recommend? Any tips for the fainthearted? What about the dreaded singles supplement...with numbers behind us we could well become a force for change in this area, especially with the cruise line business that professes to be singles friendly but adds a massive singles supplement. Has anyone tried intergenerational travel? Last year I did two such trips, one with my 8 year old grandson and then another with his mother, my daughter. Fellow editor, Brenda Malone recently experienced intragenerational travel that caused not a little concern...her 21 year old son came down with hepatitis whilst they were traveling in a third world country. She'll share that experience in a future issue. Cicely d'Autrememont muses on the transitions in life that change the nature and focus of travel. Her most recent trip was to China and Thailand. She's recently experienced a cooking school in Morocco with an adult daughter .

:Connections for Women is all about your stories, your connections. For upcoming articles on three specific topics 1. Intragenerational Travel and 2. Medical Tourism 3. Green Travel we are interested in hearing of your experiences. Post your comments on the link below. We invite our Platinum Members to e-mail specific story related ideas to travel@connectionsforwomen.com.
If you are planning a flight in the next month or so check out www.farecast.com This site uses probability theory to determine the likelihood of a fare increase or decrease in the time frame prior to the date of flight. In other words, if you want to know if this is the best time to buy your ticket, this is the site to check.

Suggested reading: Fifty Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America. Marybeth Bond.
Check out
www.ricksteves.com for safety tips for women travelers.

Buy 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America
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