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From Rags to Stitches

Sewing and working with her hands has always been a part of Karen Lukacs’sKaren Lukacs
life.  She used her sewing talents to support herself through college by making babydolls and sewing for other people.  She soon realized that she needed to find a career that would increase her income.  Just getting by no longer worked for her.  Leaving sewing to the after work hours Karen launched herself into the printing and advertising industry.  Years in the field provided her the lifestyle she wanted but left her unsatisfied.  Her passion has  always been with fabrics.  Karen had to decide if she would stay with the “sure thing” that the printing and advertising career afforded her or take that leap of faith and follow her dream.

Leap she did!  Enter sweaters, lots of sweater.  Karen had a storage room filled with sweaters cast off by friends and collected from thrift stores.  Treasures in her eyes.  She knew that she could recycle these items intoKaren Lukacs Designs something very special.  She buried herself in homework determining the best product possible.  She wanted her product to be functional and pleasing.  Using the sweaters on hand Karen created original handbags each with its own story.  Her first marketing effort was selling her bags at a trunk show in Chicago.  The event was a huge success.  “This show told me that someone believed in me”  said Karen, “I knew I was on the right path.” 

Forwarding time years later to the present, Karen has a website that she uses to display and sell her handbags and has participated in many show including a recent gallery show at the Art Institute

Old Sweaters Need Not Die!
of Tucson where she broaden her scope of product to include coats made of recycled sweaters.  She also teaches her skills to women believing strongly that every woman should have choices.  Karen Lukacs has successfully brought her rags to stitches!

Karen’s advice to anyone choosing to bring her or his dream to fruition:

  • Always do your homework.  This is a continuous process, never let up.
  • Keep focused.  It is easy to be taken off task.  Do not allow yourself to buy into other peoples opinions and beliefs that are not in align with your goals.
  • Most important, keep your vision clear.  Develop a plan and stick to it.

For more information about Karen Lucas go to http://www.karenlukacsonline.com.

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