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The Grand Dame of Women's Travel
Are you an Adventure Woman?


Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2007, AdventureWomen, Inc. has been a pioneer in women's vacations and adventure travel since 1982. The oldest adventure travel company for active women over 30, our adventure vacations are for women traveling solo, or with sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends. We offer small, congenial, non-smoking groups for all ability levels.

During the three and a half decades I’ve spent traveling the world, one driving passion has been a constant: I believe travel is one of the greatest tools we have for promoting world peace and understanding among cultures.

Adventure travel for women promotes a healthy lifestyle as women feel free to challenge themselves on adventure vacations with AdventureWomen.

After spending three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, I chose to follow my “travel path” by pioneering adventure travel options for women. Planning trips that enable groups of women to travel together safely and in comfort is my way of making a contribution. Group travel for women not only connects us with others, but also helps us better understand ourselves and the collective consciousness of the world.

Why “women only”? Because women in any culture relish the freedom to experience new things away from limiting, societal expectations. We have a unique sense of discovery, an unabashed curiosity, the easy ability to laugh at ourselves and the capacity to create a non-competitive environment of support and encouragement for each other. Under these circumstances, women feel free to challenge themselves with a trek up a mountain, learning to snorkel or scuba dive, or immersion into an unfamiliar culture. On an all-women's trip, women tell us that they can be totally and unequivocally themselves.

Group travel for women is a safe option to experience adventure vacations for women of all ability levels. Travel to a myriad of exotic destinations with friends, sisters, mothers and daughters to meet new people, learn a new skill or activity with AdventureWomen.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is also something we believe strongly in at AdventureWomen: staying active as we age; creating challenges and goals for ourselves; being open to learning, both spiritually and culturally, during our travels; all the while confirming or rediscovering our fun-loving and confident selves. In 1995 we were the first adventure travel company to go “non-smoking,” and during the past few years we have added a humanitarian focus to many of our trips. In my experience, it’s “healthy” to give back to the people of another culture who welcome us into their homes and hearts.

I've witnessed much change and upheaval in many parts of the world and our world has certainly transformed dramatically in just a few short years. Now, more than ever, we all need enriching experiences to restore and energize our spirits. Group travel for women offers you a myriad of opportunities to do just that, as we continue to expand our horizons and deepen our understanding of this fascinating, ever-changing world.


In 1982, when AdventureWomen was founded, more than a few skeptical eyebrows were raised. The idea of adventure travel for women going to exotic destinations on vacations designed especially for women, by women, was very novel. Happily, times have changed! The travel industry has evolved and today thousands of women of all ages, and from all walks of life, pack their bags annually to go on adventure travel trips for women in exotic, worldwide, destinations

Who are AdventureWomen?

Our typical adventurer at AdventureWomen is 35-65 years old. She's quite satisfied with her life and successful in her current job or situation. Most of our guests are traveling alone, some for the first time. But, many also share the experience with friends, mothers, daughters, or sisters. The majority of women who travel with us are or have been married and have between one and three children. AdventureWomen are confident about how they look and feel, and make an effort to stay in good physical condition. AdventureWomen come from all over the country and the world.

Why do AdventureWomen adventure?

Time and again, our guests tell us that they like to travel with us on our adventure travel vacations so they can meet new people and challenge themselves by learning a new skill or activity. They want a vacation package that is out of the ordinary. They want to be physically active and venture out on their own, unfettered by the responsibilities of home and work. See the Top 10 Reasons women say they travel with AdventureWomen. http://www.adventurewomen.com/FunStuff/reasons.aspx

Why do they come back?

More than 70% of our guests are repeat customers. They tell us they "feel great" about themselves—more confident, productive, and adventurous—after they get home from one of our vacations. So, they travel with us year after year to adventure in new destinations. Find out more about what our clients say about their experiences with AdventureWomen, and hear their incredible stories. http://www.adventurewomen.com/aboutus/clients.aspx

Just what is an "adventure vacation" and who should go?

At AdventureWomen, we want all participants to understand that our trips are adventure travel vacations and not “tours.” We define adventure travel as travel in which one actively participates, as opposed to a tour, where one is more or less a passive observer. We have activity ratings (link here: http://www.adventurewomen.com/trips/ratings.aspx for each of our trips, such as Easy, Moderate, or High Energy. This means that you won't be surprised by the level of activity on your chosen adventure, and you can get into shape accordingly. Adventure vacations, by nature, also require that participants be relatively self-sufficient, flexible, and able to accept travel situations as they exist, accepting that things may not always happen exactly as one would prefer or expect. The constraints of group traveling also necessitate that each of us be understanding of and sensitive to others who are sharing your trip experience. And last but not least, in the spirit of adventure travel, the most essential gear we ask participants to bring is a sense of humor.

AdventureWomen designs and organizes vacations all over the world for women who want to experience an active, out-of-the-ordinary adventure vacation, and meet new friends. We carefully research our cultural and adventurous odysseys and believe that a vacation should be an experience that remains as a treasure long after your snapshots are pasted into a photo album. Most of all, we want our AdventureWomen trips to be fun!

AdventureWomen designs and organizes adventure travel all over the world for active participates, as opposed to a tour, where one is more or less a passive observer.  Adventure travel is for women who want to experience an active, out-of-the-ordinary adventure vacation.

Over the Style, Cotswolds, England

You can visit our Trip Calendar (link here: http://www.adventurewomen.com/tripCalendar.aspx to see a list of our vacation packages and select one that’s just right for you! We offer a wide variety of unique and exciting adventures in all parts of the world. You can also sign up for our E-Newsletter and keep up to date on our new offerings and where we’ve just returned from (link here:

Happy Trails,

Susan L. Eckert
See me at:
All photos copyright Susan L. Eckert, Adventure Women Inc.

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