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Breaking Out of the Pattern of Failed Resolutions

It’s another new year and most of us are reflecting upon the changes we would like to make inLorie Marrero, ClutterDiet our lives. Our Clutter Diet® program helps people every year who are very intent on getting organized, but maybe you want to lose the pounds you’ve gained during the holidays, or maybe you want to improve your health in other ways. New Year’s Resolutions are classically full of hope and ambition and quickly fizzle out… but why? How do you make resolutions that stick?


We believe that it takes three elements to successfully make personal change:  Education, Motivation, and Support. Let’s explore this journey of change as if it were a real journey you would take in your car.


Education is the “how.” If you were going on a car trip, you’d want to know how to get there. You’d educate yourself on the directions by looking at a map and studying your route. And of course you would have to know how to drive the car you are using. You’d learn how to use the radio, and you’d learn about the climate and the needs you’d have along the way so you could pack appropriately. If you are going on a journey toward weight loss, you’d want to educate yourself on proper diet and exercise principles, maybe from a book or a video lesson. You’d also get some recipes and go shopping for healthful food. If you’re on a journey toward organization, you would learn some basic organizing concepts and tips on how to approach your projects.


Motivation is the “why.” It’s like the fuel for the car. It’s the set of reasons that cause you to want to make this change and give you the energy to push through difficulties so that you can achieve it. Maybe you want to get organized so you can have more time to spend with your family, or maybe you’re really tired of feeling stressed. If you’re on a weight loss journey, maybe you want to get in shape for your high school reunion. Motivation propels you forward and keeps you going, at least for a little while until your tank runs out! That’s when you need Support.


Support is the “keep on going!” It’s the gas station to provide more fuel when you run out, the mechanic who helps when you break down, and the friend keeping you company in the passenger seat. Support is just as necessary as the Education and Motivation, but it’s the element that is typically forgotten or ignored. Failure most often occurs because of the lack of support. You are figuratively stranded by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, and you give up.


Programs like Weight Watchers figured out long ago that Support was necessary, which is why they have meetings to weigh in and provide accountability and encouragement to their members. If you are trying to make important changes for yourself this year, make sure you don’t start your journey without making Support part of your plan.


Here are five ways, both big and small, to find support to get organized:


  1. Kick-Start: My new book talks about the importance of support and walks you through getting your own Motivation Partner with simple exercises at the end of each chapter. It’s called The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life, available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle e-book device until mid-January, when printed copies will go on sale. Preorders at clutterdiet.com all receive autographed copies! Read a sample chapter here: www.clutterdiet.com/samplechapter
  2. Semi-Weekly: Read The Clutter Diet Blog at http://www.clutterdietblog.com/ for helpful articles and tips, available for free online or via the Amazon Kindle device for a small subscription fee.
  3. Weekly: Sign up for our free Thursday e-mail newsletter and get our bonus 12-page report, “30 Ways to Find Time to Get Organized.” www.clutterdiet.com/free_report_signup.php
  4. Daily: Get my daily “ClutterTweetTip” on Twitter at www.twitter.com/clutterdiet. You can also use Twitter for a realtime support system of your own network of friends.
  5. Unlimited: Our Clutter Diet® online coaching program provides support from a team of organizing experts. We answer every question from our members in our message boards, and there you can also find your own personal Motivation Partner online.

Click here for Clutterdiet.com
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