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Redesign a New Feel For Your Home

Carie Bauman, Fresh RedesignAlmost every woman I know wants to have a beautiful home, but most are waiting for the “right” time to make it happen — when they have more time, when they have money, or when the kids finally leave home…I, too, once hoped there would someday be the right time to have my dream home — like something out of Elle Décor or House Beautiful. The kind of place I would be proud to show my friends and family; a place that didn't make me panic at the thought of a drop-in guest! I often wondered, was this a realistic vision with 4 young children at home, several pets, and little or no money for the “perfect” new furniture?

A move and a career change several years ago began the shift in my thinking. I left the field of medicine to pursue my passion for creativity and design, eventually starting my own interior redesign and home staging business. After redesigning hundreds of rooms, I realized that my assumptions about what created the “perfect home” were wrong! Having a beautiful home is much more than just being pretty to look at; the real beauty comes from the way a home FEELS... It's about having a place to escape the rigors and stress triggers of everyday life — a personal haven that nurtures the soul, lifts the spirit, and restores our energy. It says, “Welcome Home!” when we return at the end of a long day.

A wonderful privilege of teaching redesign and staging classes is being able to show the healing and restorative qualities of a home redesign to my students. Experiencing the homeowner's reaction during the “reveal” is a lesson that cannot be replicated simply by reading about it or seeing it on TV. A recent client reminded me of how significant and powerful a seemingly small transformation can be. Mary was a busy single mother who volunteered for numerous community projects more hours than she worked at her full-time job. As a result of her schedule and her tendency to “collect” things, her tiny patio home had become overwhelmingly cluttered and disorganized. After consulting with Mary, I knew how important it would be to improve the function, flow, and overall “feeling” for her and her daughter. The next afternoon, my students and I went to work. Through the artful and purposeful re-arrangement of Mary's existing furniture and accessories, including some very special family mementos, a new living room was created. She was elated! She exclaimed her excitement in the words we were hoping for: “beautiful, inviting, and “special for me…I can't believe this is my home!” Two days later, I received a message from Mary. Again, she relayed her excitement about her new living space, but added she never anticipated the emotional changes she was experiencing. She couldn't believe how happy AND revitalized she was after spending time in her redesigned room — the way it “felt” to her restored the positive energy she knew had been missing. And it wasn't just at home; this positive energy transferred to her work and personal relationships as well.

Mary's reaction to her redesign is a perfect example of what I know to be true — we all deserve to have a beautiful and functional living space, regardless of style or budget. It is especially important as we function day-to-day in our chronically overcommitted lives. We need a sanctuary, a place to refresh our minds, connect with our families, and create happy memories; a home that tells our story.

Here are 5 tips to make your own living spaces beautiful, nurturing, and personally energizing:

  • Create a cozy conversation area by re-arranging your existing furnishings. Furniture does not have to line the walls of the room.
  • Surround yourself with things you love. This gives the space your heart and personality, and can evolve over time.
  • Add lamplight to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.
  • Know that you don't need to buy new to create a beautiful living space — think outside the box, and 're-purpose' items in unique ways.
  • Too much is not a good thing — crowded or cluttered living spaces actually drain our personal energy! If an item is not functional or beautiful to look at, consider donating or selling it.

Don't wait to have the beautiful house you have always dreamed of; start creating a home where you'll have beautiful dreams, today.

Carie Bauman is a Charter Member of The Society of Decorating Professionals (SDP), nationally certified in Interior Redesign, Home Staging, and as a Redesign and Staging Trainer. As a professional business coach and speaker in her areas of expertise, Carie continually updates her skills through hands-on training, seminars, and professional literature. Among her many speaking engagements, Carie was recently featured as a presenter at the SDP's 2007 International Redesign & Staging Conference in Chicago, IL. A Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner by training, Carie’s lifelong passion for decorating and design prompted a career change in 2004.
To see her portfolio or to contact Carie Bauman visit:


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